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History of STP


■ 1979
Worked with HK Swire on aluminum windows & doors development.

 ■ 1986
Developed the first aluminum wide window domestically that requires no top/bottom cement base, built in one piece, and available for budget production.

 ■ 1991
STP brand founded.

■ 2000
Updated automated production equipment and technology, also participated in rigorous tests of the domestic institute of architecture.Reached better air tightness, more effective sound insulation, CNS D-40 level of mass production.

■ 2001
In order to enhance related products, ensure customer experience, STP cooperated with Asia group and university institutes on developing related product's material function and safety, also accomplished the critical know-how of pressure regulator window technology.

■ 2002
Grouped up with R & D personnel of technology university and industry, applied with US  aerospace gasification and gasket technology, STP be the first one of domestic aluminum window industry that introduced the automated infrared ray machine, replace traditional manpower, improved functions of products, imported technical professional production mode, created product-oriented values of energy-saving.

■ 2003
Managed the service & sales centers that locate in every city and country in nation, ensuring STP VIP experience, providing like soundproof windows, airtight windows, etc, comprehensively.

■ 2004
Setup development function testing and detecting center, purchased raining testing lab equipment, and started the building of 9870 square meter full function second generation factory and top tier  production line.

■ 2005
Purchased the automated components coating equipment that meets primary standard of environmental protection. Enhanced process quality of second generation factory, also applied 100% machined surface coating as mass production, followed up export quality level to every STP products.

■ 2006
Successfully reach over US, JP quality request, established STP overseas office, increased export service needing.

■ 2007
Setup 658 square meter exhibition center, revealed doors & windows production – from raw material handling, doors and windows production, gasification glass production, machined surface corrosion-resistant coating, finished assembly, function tests, etc, Showed STP process to everyone transparently, challenged the most stringent quality management.

■ 2008
Second generation factory officially started up, anti-corrosion coating listed as STP standard process.

■ 2009
Acquired CNS national license, ISO 9001: 2000 international license.

■ 2010
Improved traditional window hook into STP patent - hidden window hook. Introduce high quality concolorous coating between window hook and window frame.

■ 2011
Broke the highest standard of aluminum windows, listed "grille window auto lock", "children protection", "window screen anti-dropping function", "machined surface coating protection"into STP process standards.

■ 2012
Factory executed SOP working system, making production, management, quality test, service info are all managed into barcode system.